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TECS: Tank Terminal Engineering, Consulting and Supplies

TECS: Tank Terminal Engineering, Consulting and Supplies

TECS® has been created with a mission to develop into a leading engineering and storage tank supplies partner with a global presence and covering all activities related to the design, review and operations of atmospheric storage tanks. Typically these atmospheric storage tanks have been designed and built under API 650 as design and construction standard, and are maintained under API 653. Other standards used are BS 2654, EN 14015 and DIN 4119.

However over the years the field of atmospheric storage tanks has developed into a much more complex field, where atmospheric storage tank owners and all companies supporting these have been confronted with much more complex requirements. These requirements can be categorised in the following categories:

  • Environmental impact on air, water and soil
  • Firefighting and safety
  • Engineering and design
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Modification

Many geographical areas have developed their own approach towards this industry, resulting in an extensive number of standards, recommended practices, guidelines, legal requirements and compliance requirements.

The management of TECS® has a track record of almost 3 decades working in the field of atmospheric storage tanks. As a result of our extensive experience and track record we are in an excellent position to support you as an engineering consultant in any aspect related to the categories listed as important when operating storage tanks.

We plan to develop us on a global scale as a company specialised in Tank Terminal Environmental and Engineering Consulting and Support (TECS®).

Let us introduce ourselves in person and allow us a detailed and personal introduction, so we can mutually review our options to be of support to you, your colleagues and your organisation, where you can rest assured that we will do all we can to support and facilitate you in operating safe, reliable and efficient storage tanks!