Created with a mission



TECS® is founded by Gert van Meijeren who will be acting as a managing director for all TECS® companies. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rotterdam Polytechnical Institute, The Netherlands, where he graduated in 1987.

Prior to starting TECS® he has started and developed a specialist supply company in the field of atmospheric storage tanks that developed from a grass roots start up in 2004 to a company with a global presence and revenues in excess of 70 million USD in 2016, acting as CEO in this entire period.

During his career in the field of the international (atmospheric) storage tank market for more than 25 years Gert van Meijeren has gained extensive knowledge on the subject of atmospheric storage tank design, and products and systems for atmospheric storage tanks. In this period he has been based in both Europe as well as Asia, and he has conducted major storage tank and tank terminal projects for many of the major oil companies, and independent storage tank terminals on a global basis. This extensive knowledge involves in particular all international structural codes and global safety and environmental legislation governing the construction, operation, maintenance and conversion of atmospheric storage tanks.

In recent years he has shared his knowledge and experience with many tank owners and operators, both by conducting individual presentations or inspections on atmospheric storage tanks problematic tanks as well as by presenting his knowledge on public events hosted from Platts (Europe), Stocexpo (Europe, Middle East and Asia), IIR (Europe), Tankvision (Europe) and IBC (Singapore). Gert has also been a committee member for the first IR emission measurement standard for atmospheric storage tanks, the NTA 8399 as published in The Netherlands in 2014. He also acts as committee member on the current revision of EN 14015, the European design code for atmospheric storage tanks.

Gert’s involvement with TECS® will allow us to ensure your atmospheric storage tanks will meet the highest standards with respect to integrity, reliability and operational performance.