MOT awards tank seal contract to CTS

With 39 120,000m3 Crude oil tanks MOT (Maasvlakte Olie Terminal) is probably the largest Crude oil tank farm in the world operating 39 tanks in a diameter of 84 meter. It is a joint venture between Aramco, BP, Esso, Shell, Vopak and Zeeland Refineries. Per early 2022 CTS has been awarded to supply and install special CTS30W primary shoe plate seals with improved wax scrapers and independently acting rim mounted CTS20IT compression plate seals under a blanket agreement. Seals will meet all engineering, safety and emission standards and will be gastight, guaranteeing the lowest possible emissions. Apart from that the CTS30W seals with improved wax scrapers have been keeping floating roofs and tank shells cleaner than ever before. As CTS-team we are proud to have qualified as vendor on this important maintenance program! Do feel free to ask for more information about this contract or the products involved, as we will be more than happy to be of support!