TC3 Shoe plate seal

The compression plate based TC3 shoe plate seal represents the most reliable and vapor tight liquid mounted shoe plate seal to date, while also allowing extreme rim gap variations. It meets all the requirements of the API 650 and API Chapter 19 – ‘Evaporative Loss Measurement’, Section 2 -‘Evaporative Loss from Floating-Roof Tanks’ (former API 2517 and 2519) and as well as all other international engineering, environmental and safety codes such as EN 14015, EEMUA 159, EPA, BREF Storage (IPPC 2006), PGS 29, VLAREM, TA Luft, ATEX and NFPA requirements. 

The TC3 shoe plate seal is based on stainless steel compression plates sliding in contact with the tank shell and penetrating the product stored. These compression shoe plates are backed up by a special PTFE vapor tight fabric (anti-static and fire-safe) as also penetrating the liquid and held in place by finger springs ensuring excellent vapour tightness while parts in contact with the tank shell will not wear. The TC3 compression plate shoe plate seal will be designed and manufactured according to the floating roof configuration (eliminating rim modifications) and the product stored, to ensure reliable and vapor tight service for decades to come. 

Features TC3 compression plate primary shoe plate seal:

  • Meets all modern environmental regulations
  • Available with wax scrapers
  • Suitable for all Hydrocarbons and Chemicals
  • Excellent sealing characteristics (>99% emission reduction)
  •  Very economic design
  • Maintenance free, long service life and fire retardant
  • Short installation time compared to conventional shoe plate seal designs
  • Rim gap variation 3”-14” possible, rims of above 15” can be bridged with minor changes in the seal design.